Foreclosure Resisters

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In early 2013, Common Law, along with a group of homeowners from its weekly legal clinic, formed the Foreclosure Resisters.  Foreclosure Resisters are homeowners facing and fighting foreclosure in New York City.

The Foreclosure Resisters hold monthly community meetings at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan. At these gatherings, Resisters discuss the systematic ways banks targeted communities of color and the ways these financial giants continue to profit from the foreclosure crisis. Foreclosure Resisters attend and speak out at community forums—delivering their message “don’t be ashamed, fight back!” to other New Yorkers.

Foreclosure Resisters also organize “Court Support”. Each time a Resister appears in Court, the cavalry comes too as a silent, but unmistakable, witness to the proceedings. Court Support has resulted in numerous victories for homeowners.  These victories are celebrated regularly as a community – the Foreclosure Resisters held a Dinner-Dance in September 2013 and a Bingo Night in January 2014.   The work of the Foreclosure Resisters and Common Law are profiled in a quarterly newsletter (now in its second year), which delivers updates and homeowners’ personal stories to the Foreclosure Resister community.

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